Flowing Waters Information System

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Welcome to the Flowing Waters Information System (FWIS)
FWIS helps Ontario's conservation practitioners to manage information on flowing waters or streams, including data about fisheries, benthos, habitat and more. Currently, FWIS can be used to:

  • Review and map locations where data is collected
  • Identify where and what type of data has been collected
  • Identify which conservation organization collected the data, and
  • Request data for specific sampling locations
  • View/edit fish and site data collected at sampling locations
  • Query fish locations collected using OSAP standards across Ontario
  • Download fish and site data from sampling locations

"Introduction to FWIS" is now on YouTube - www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRzGRp8T7o

New Data Uploading Process Now Available
A new process for adding data directly from spreadsheets into FWIS tables, including the creation of non-OSAP data tables, is now available for downloading. The download includes a detailed template of all published FWIS tables and detailed instructions of how a Scientific Collectors Permit Report is produced (i.e., which FWIS tables and fields are used for what SCPR results). Click here to download the template spreadsheet and VBA macro (updated 2019-02-20).

Two additional template spreadsheets, with embedded VBA macros, are also available for uploading photos and sketches directly into FWIS. Click here to download a zip file with the two .xlsm files. Unfortunately some institutional environments and firewalls may block the use of Microsoft ".xlsm" files and for that context versions of the photo and sketch uploading templates are available as separate files within a single zip file. Instructions are included for adding the VBA macro to the spreadsheet. Click here to download a version of the photo and sketch uploading templates that avoids the use of .XLSM files.

New Data API Demonstration/Access Utility Now Available
A data access "Authorized Programming Interface" (API) has been defined for FWIS that allows anyone with a FWIS username to use various scripts and other systems to access the same data that they can access through the FWIS website. The only requirement to access the API is that the programming environment must support a cURL interface and be able to transmit JSON data with cURL. An API demonstration and data access utility is now available for downloading (in source code form). Documentation is included with the download. The current version of the utility makes use of the PHP language environment, also freely downloadable (instructions for downloading and installing PHP are included). Click here to download the Data API Demonstration/Access Utility.

Data Sharing Agreement
Click here to view and sign our Terms of Use.

Important Notes Concerning Web Browsers

  • Google Chrome: There is an important setting that is required for FWIS to appear correctly.
    1. Click on the "Customise and control Google Chrome" link (normally three vertical dots to the right of the web address field) and select "Settings" from the menu.
    2. Click on "+ Show advanced settings" at the bottom of the list of settings.
    3. In the "Privacy" section, uncheck the "Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly" setting. You can now close the "Settings" browser tab.
  • All users with a login or browser profile: Be aware that when you make use of a browser, including Google Chrome, Firefox, MS Internet Explorer/Edge, etc. and save a user profile, that the browser may save your settings and browsing history on a remote server. While FWIS should not be used to save personal data, your browser's profile may include access userids and passwords. Data saved on other servers could be vulnerable to hacking or theft in the event that access to that server is not secured or becomes compromised. You are encouraged to change your FWIS password periodically.

Using FWIS
Click here to download the FWIS guide, Using the Flowing Waters Information System Portal (July, 2019).

American Fisheries Society 2014 (Quebec City) Presentation "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained - Lessons Learned from Developing a Flowing Waters Information Management System"
(Click here to download a PDF of the presentation)

Data included within FWIS are at present all collected using the Ontario Stream Assessment Protocol. The OSAP manual and videos that illustrate the methods as well as information on upcoming courses are available at https://trca.ca/conservation/environmental-monitoring/technical-training/ontario-stream-assessment-protocol/.

FWIS can also help users to:

  • Access other OSAP datasets
  • Determine the protocol used to collect the data


FWIS is improving access to information about flowing waters that will help conservation professionals better understand, protect, and manage stream fisheries biodiversity.

To obtain an account and password to access FWIS, click here.

FWIS is a sustaining collaboration service provided by the Centre for Community Mapping - comap.ca for the conservation community.

COMAP and the University of Waterloo's Computer Systems Group gratefully acknowledge the generous support of CANARIE and the Salamander Foundation and thank them for their support of this project.

System Copyright © 2009 - 2020 The Centre for Community Mapping. Stream and sampling content is the property of the respective data owner.